6 Best Canva AI Tools: Enhance Your Design

Best Canva AI Tools: Enhance Your Design Game

Canva AI is one of my top favourite tools! My return on investment for this instrument is quite good. The AI Factor has only improved this tool and made it less difficult than other tools. Imagine having a super-intelligent tool that allows you to convert words into amazing visuals, swiftly remove undesired things from photos, and even write entire paragraphs with only a few commands. That is the power of Canva AI.

Today I’m going to present 6 Best Canva AI tools that will truly transform you into a superhuman, increasing your productivity by 10 times. Canva’s AI features are more than simply magic tricks; they save a lot of time.

Previously, brainstorming ideas, creating appealing captions, and resizing photographs were all arduous activities. AI allows you to focus on expressing your creativity rather than mastering sophisticated software.

This brings your ideas to life, allowing you to create more significant projects even when you’re short on time. Let’s take a brief look at the six Canva AI tools that are now dominating the internet!

1. Magic Media

Canva AI Tools

Canva’s Magic Media integrates artificial intelligence directly into your design toolbox. The app allows you to translate simple word descriptions into images, making the creative process simpler and more entertaining than before. Let’s look at its two key features:

Text to Image

Explain what you wish to see in as much detail as possible. Consider stuff like

  • colors
  • textures
  • mood
  • art styles

The AI will become more and more in line with your vision the more specific you are.


  • A pixel art illustration of a robot dog chasing butterflies through a neon city
  • A watercolor painting of a majestic lion gazing across a sunset-colored African savanna
  • A 3D render of a futuristic coffee mug made of recycled materials

Magic Media allows you to create photos that stock photo libraries just do not supply. Discover new options, capture a mood, or simply create and test designs in seconds.

Text to Video

Moving Pictures From Words: Create a brief written description of the picture you have in mind. Concentrate on the action, atmosphere, and style.

Here are a few Prompt Examples

  • A swirling cosmic nebula with bursts of vibrant, pulsating stars.
  • A slow-motion animation of a blooming lotus flower under gentle rainfall.
  • A playful cartoon kitten frolicking in a garden full of butterflies.

2. Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is comparable to having a powerful photo editing assistant! Here’s how this tool helps you clean up your pictures. Canva’s Magic Eraser may help you remove undesirable things and clean up your photographs.

  1. Goodbye, distractions: Did you catch a photobomber in your travel photo? Have a distracting imperfection on your product photo? Simply brush it off with the Magic Eraser.
  2. AI handles the tough lifting: The Magic Eraser intelligently analyzes the surrounding area of the image to determine how to smoothly “fill in” the space where the undesired object was.
  3. No complex editing abilities are required: Unlike standard image altering tools, there is no need to use cloning or blending tools. The Magic Eraser works with just a few clicks.

When To Use It:

  • Remove people or objects from backgrounds.
  • Remove distracting parts.
  • Polishing product images.

Canva’s Magic Eraser is quite useful for producing various types of images. Whether you’re working on social media posts, product pictures, or any other creative job, this tool can help you save time and get excellent outcomes.

3. Magic Expand

Canva’s Magic Expand is an AI-powered tool that allows users to creatively extend images beyond their original borders, making it a powerful design aid. It can extend the borders of images, reducing cropping issues and providing extra space for design elements.

It analyzes images to generate new content that blends seamlessly with the existing picture, allowing users to create horizontal images, add backgrounds, or extend images for panoramic effects. It’s a creative collaborator in photography.

Canva’s Magic Expand provides extra flexibility and freedom in your design projects. This program allows you to easily enhance your visual expression by fixing crucial photo defects and unlocking new layouts.

4. Magic Write

Magic Write is a powerful AI text generator that is integrated directly into Canva, making it easy to generate long or short-form written content. Canva’s Magic Write is like having a smart brainstorming partner for all of your text-related requirements. Let’s see how it helps you get words onto the page.

Magic Write, an AI text generator integrated with Canva, simplifies the creation of written content, whether it’s long or short.

Get your ideas. Flowing:

 Unsure what to write about?

Just give Magic Write a short prompt or topic, and it will provide numerous text alternatives to help you get started writing. This tool allows you to create paragraphs, lists, outlines, and even artistic works like poems.

Tone Control: 

  • Need a formal tone for a letter?
  • Something hilarious for a social media caption?
  • It will alter its style based on a few simple keywords.

5. AI Presentations

This program converts the unpleasant effort of creating presentations into a fun, quick process. This Magic Design feature allows you to design presentations with just one prompt.

Canva’s AI creates a thorough slide deck for presentations simply by typing a few phrases about the topic. The program generates an initial outline, fills slides with text, and suggests appropriate images.

Customization is key, allowing customers to adjust, edit, and add their branding to make the design completely their own.

The AI uses its text and image libraries to create a presentation layout that is tailored to your request, allowing you to personalize the text, visuals, and add your own touch, ensuring a visually appealing and engaging presentation.

6. Magic Switch

Magic Switch is Canva’s tool for easy layout customization. Let’s look at how it helps you resize and shift design elements for consistency across several templates. This tool assists in resizing and moving objects when designing with different dimensions.

Magic Switch minimizes the need for manual design changes by dynamically scaling and rearranging items when switching formats. It also handles basic layout and design hierarchy, changing text, icons, and images for emphasis. This eliminates the need for manual tweaking while maintaining a consistent overall look and feel in your design.


Canva’s AI design tools, such as Magic Switch, Magic Write, Magic Edit, and Magic Animate, are transforming the design process for both designers and non-designers. These technologies cut the amount of time spent creating content while also increasing creativity. Magic Media and Magic Design allow anyone to envision an idea and generate a proof of concept in minutes. These tools are revolutionizing the design game, therefore users must try Canva’s AI features to speed up their processes and explore new possibilities.

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