Best Dark Themes For Windows 10 In 2023

Best Dark Themes for Windows 10

With the ever-evolving technology, dark themes for Windows 10 are becoming more popular in 2023. Dark themes offer a unique aesthetic look to your device and make it easier to work in low light conditions. They also have many other benefits like reducing eye strain and improving battery life.

In this article, we will discuss the best dark themes for Windows 10 in 2023. We will talk about the features of these themes and their use cases. We will also discuss how you can install them on your device and what other options you have available if you don’t want to install a dark theme yourself.

7 Best Themes For Windows 10 in 2022 (Free)

How to Change Theme On Windows

How to Change Theme On Windows

Personalization settings in Windows allow you to customise the appearance of the desktop, lock screen, colour, sound, and cursor. You may modify it from the desktop or by accessing the Windows 10 settings.

To begin, either right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize > Themes or navigate to Start > Settings > Personalization > Themes. You may select one of the built-in themes in Windows or click Get more themes in Microsoft Store to view more.

1. Windows 10 Dark Theme

Windows 10 Dark Theme is a feature that allows users to customize their Windows experience by switching from the default light theme to a darker alternative. This feature can be found in the Settings app under “Personalization” > “Colors”.

After selecting the “Dark” option, the user can customize their Windows experience further by setting a different accent color for the taskbar, Start menu, and other elements of the system. Additionally, users can also choose to enable the dark theme for certain apps, such as Microsoft Office and Edge.

Finally, users can also customize the dark theme further by downloading and installing third-party themes from the Microsoft Store. With these themes, users can further customize the look and feel of their Windows 10 experience.

2. GreyEve

GreyEve is a third-party theme for Windows 10 that provides a modern, clean look and feel to your Windows experience. It provides a variety of options to customize the color scheme, wallpaper, and icons of the system, which can be found in the theme’s settings.

It features a variety of built-in widgets and tools to make the user’s experience more convenient. The theme is packed with features such as dynamic wallpaper changing, taskbar customization, and a variety of color palettes.

It also supports free updates and it is available for free download from the deviantart Store. With GreyEve, users can enjoy a unique and customized Windows 10 experience.

Download: GreyEve

3. Dark Theme

Dark Themes

If you’re looking for a wallpaper that’s different from what you’ve had in the past, this is one wallpaper you shouldn’t be afraid of. Being afraid of the dark might make you avoid anything too dark, but you can be sure that this is a great wallpaper.

The fact that it has a light blue background and a silhouette of a woman walking with a stream of birds behind her is what sets it apart from the other wallpapers you might be considering buying. You can choose it just for its uniqueness.

Download: Dark Theme

4. OBLIQ Dark Theme

OBLIQ Dark is a greyish-dark theme with orange-red accents. Because most dark themes focus on only one colour, the end result is quite appealing. The red accents aren’t the only thing that sets this version apart; the designer also updated the icons and the Start menu.

Even the icons used in OBLIQ Dark are extremely minimalistic and come from the Vertex icon pack. Icons in File Explorers and top bar icons all have a white-on-black appearance that makes them stand out.

Despite the popularity of dark mode, implementing it on your system is not a straightforward process. You will need to use a theme patcher tool in order to successfully install the dark theme.

Download: OBLIQ Dark

5. Midnight Fluent

Midnight Fluent

The Midnight Fluent theme offers a great way to achieve the Windows 10 dark mode look with ease. It reimagines the Windows 10 appearance by shifting the taskbar to the vertical left position and introducing a stark black color composition with vivid icon colors.

This theme also changes the Start menu to the top-right position and incorporates custom icons from the Icon8 icon pack. Furthermore, the system tray icons and the Start button have been handpicked to create a stunning dark mode design.

The Midnight Fluent theme is free of charge and borrows design elements from the Simplify theme. It also includes a taskbar widget and centering taskbar icons, making it a great choice without having to pay a dime. Therefore, this theme is definitely worth a try!

Download: Midnight Fluent

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