Chrome Flags Enable – How To Enable-10 Best Chrome Flags


Chrome Flags enable allows you to customize the browser settings according to your needs. You can also use this feature to make your browsing experience more secure by enabling or disabling certain features.

If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser then you must be aware of the fact that there are some options available to customize the browser settings. These options allow you to control various aspects of the browser such as privacy, security, and performance.

If you’re a big fan of Google’s omnipresence browser, knowing how to enable Chrome flags will unlock a lot of hidden features that you might not know about. Granted, many of Chrome’s secret features aren’t of much help to the average user, with advanced settings like “Allow Omnibox context web on-focus suggestions” likely to go over most people’s heads. Still, learning how to enable Chrome flags can still come in handy; giving you the ability to access cool features, such as forcing dark mode on every site.

Given Chrome’s open nature, you can enable Chrome flags on Windows (Mac, Android, and iOS), and even Linux. All you need to type is a short URL into your browser, whether that’s a desktop or mobile device. It’s worth noting that most flags are meant for testing, so caution is advised before enabling them, as they could break your browser. As a general rule of thumb, though it’s best to leave things alone unless you’re unsure of what they do.

How To Enable Google Chrome Flags

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Enter the chrome://flags in Chrome Search Bar.
  • Search the flag name into the Flag search bar.
  • Click the drop-down menu next to the flag you want to enable.
  • Click Enabled.
  • Restart Your browser to Enabled Chrome Flag.

10 Best Chrome Flags

 1. Dark Mode For Every Website

The “dark mode” flag in Chrome can make pages much easier on the eyes, but it isn’t perfect. Sometimes websites look a bit broken when this flag is enabled. If you come across a website that doesn’t look quite right, you can quickly disable the dark mode flag and go back to the normal way of things with just a couple of clicks.

Best Chrome Flags

Enable dark mode on all websites by searching “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents“or #enable-force-dark search in the flag search bar, then clicking/tapping “Enabled” next to the flag, and finally clicking/tapping “Relaunch.”


2. Parallel Downloading

The Next Chrome flag on our list is the called Parallel Downloading. This technique is used to speed up downloads by breaking files into smaller parts that can be downloaded at the same time. Rather than downloading sequentially, this allows for multiple downloads to happen simultaneously, which can make a big difference, especially when downloading large files. This is called multi-threading and is a common feature of download managers like IDM or FDM. You can use it in Chrome for Desktop and on the Mobile Version of Chrome.

You can enable it by searching for “Parallel Downloading or Copy Paste chrome://flags#enable-parallel-downloading in the Search bar.

3.Save And Autofill UPI/VPA 

With the rising popularity of UPI in India, Google is also planning to integrate the UPI system into its browser. This flag will allow you to save your UPI details on your browser, which you can use as auto-fill when making purchases online. You can use this flag on your Desktop and Mobile Version of Chrome browsers.

You can enable it by searching for “ UPI/VPA ” on the Chrome Flag page or pasting –


4. Password Import

The next Chrome flag on our list is the Password import flag. Have you ever wished you could take all of your passwords with you, no matter what browser or device you’re using? Well, with this flag, you can! All you need is a “.csv” file exported from another browser or device. Once you have that, you can import all of your passwords into Chrome and have them available to you at any time.


5. Smooth Scrolling

The next flag is known as the Smooth Scrolling Flag, which eliminates lags & stutters which you might normally encounter while scrolling down on large websites. The smooth scrolling flag functions nicely and enhances your scrolling experience. This should be a must-have chrome flag if you’re someone like me who has got to scroll through numerous lengthy webpages all day. It works in both desktop version of chrome and mobile version of chrome.

chrome://flags#smooth-scrolling  Paste it on search bar

6. Touch UI Layout

If you want to make better use of Chrome on your touchscreen PC, look for the “Touch UI Layout” flag in the search bar. Enable the flag, then relaunch Chrome for the changes to take effect. You’ll notice a more touch-friendly UI, including a bigger search bar.


7. Tab Hover Card Images

The next chrome flag is one of our list’s most interesting and helpful Chrome flags. The Tab Hover Card images flag basically shows you a preview of the tab opened in the background. You can simply see what a webpage has by hovering over the tab, which is very helpful for people who have numerous tabs opened in the same window. This gives you a glimpse of what page is opened, so you only open it if needed. You can use this flag only on the Desktop Chrome browser.


8. Live Caption

The next Chrome flag that we have is called the live caption chrome flag, which generates captations for the media playing on you Chrome browser. This feature doesn’t work with every site out here but still does a decent job that you might consider enabling. The live caption flag only works with Desktop-based Chrome browsers.


9. Experimental QUIC protocol

The next chrome flag called experimental QUIC protocol which speeds things up going on your browser. But I know the name sounds like a big deal, so there is nothing to be afraid of. QUIC is an protocol developed by Google that aims to speed up things on your browser, and that’ s the main goal. It only works on the sites that are optimised for it, but it does make a big difference with the ones it supports. You can try this on the Chrome browser on your PC and on the mobile version of Chrome.


10. Back-forward Cache

The next Chrome flag is the Back-forward Cache Flag, which makes your browsing smooth by caching entire web pages. This means you can access them with just a click, even when you’re disconnected from the internet. It works on mobile and desktop browsers too.



How to disable Chrome Flags

If you’re having problems with your browser performance since enabling Chrome flags, you can follow one of the two routes below:

  • On the Experiments page, find the Chrome flag that you want to disable. Click on the drop-down menu under its name and select Disabled.
  • If you aren’t sure which of the Chrome flags you’ve enabled is causing the issue, you can disable all of them at once by clicking the Reset All button on the top right of the Experiments page.

Whichever route you take, don’t forget to hit the Relaunch button to update the settings.

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