How To Create SlidetoShut Down Shortcut In Windows 10”


Slide to Shut Down Shortcut in Windows 10

If you’re looking for an easy and smart way to shut down your Windows PC, then this trick will help you out. Instead of using the traditional long process of shutting your PC down, the “Slide to Shut Down” feature allows you to shut your PC down by sliding, or dragging down the window. Let’s see how we can create a “Slide to Shut down” shortcut.

 Shut Down Shortcut
Slide to Shut Down Shortcut

Follow the steps given below

1: Right-click on the desktop, select β€˜New’ and choose the β€˜Shortcut’.  

SlidetoShut Down

2: Paste the following command in the location section. Then Click β€˜Next’.

SlideToShutDown.exe  or

3: Give the name for the shortcut and Click on β€˜Finish’.