How to Install InstaPy and Build a Instagram Bot

how to install and use instapy instagram bot for automation

InstaPy is an Instagram Bot that uses automation to “farm” Likes, Comments, and Followers. The Selenium module was used to implement the InstaPy tool in Python.

In this tutorial, we’ll create a little fun project called “Instagram Bot” using Python and InstaPy. As beginners, they want to do some extra work and learn modest projects that will help them develop bigger projects in the future. Now it’s time to learn some new projects and plan for a better future.

This Python project adds Instagram bot capabilities to like, comment, and follow accounts with specific hashtags on their posts. To accomplish this, we must employ InstaPy. Install the Firefox browser as well, as the latest version of InstaPy no longer supports Chrome. We use the following command to install InstaPy:

InstaPy Installation

pip install instapy

If you want to install a certain version of Instapy, use the following command:

pip install instapy==0.6.8

Important: be sure to use pip3 and python3 instead, depending on your system.

That’s all! 🚀
If you’re using Ubuntu, check out the Installing on Ubuntu (64-Bit) instructions. If you’re using a Raspberry Pi, instead read the Installing on RaspberryPi tutorial.

Running Instapy

To use InstaPy, execute the Instapy-quickstart script you have downloaded.

Download the zip of this repository by clicking on the green button in the upper right corner Clone or download.

git clone
cd instapy-quickstart

You can now enter your account information by supplying the username and password parameters to the InstaPy() method in your quickstart script, as shown below:

# login credentials
insta_username = ''  # <- enter username here
insta_password = ''  # <- enter password here
InstaPy(username="your instagram username",password="your instagram password")

After you’ve configured your quickstart script, run it using the following commands.

-- or
python --username abcd --password 1234

InstaPy will now launch a browser window and go to work.

If you want InstaPy to operate in the background, use the --headless-browser option when calling it from the command line. Alternatively, use the InstaPy(headless_browser=True) constructor with the headless_browser=True option.

Updating InstaPy

pip install instapy -U

Official InstaPy – Linux Installation [Deprecated]

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