What is Debian?

What is Debian?

Debian is a famous and openly accessible PC working framework (OS) that utilizes a Unix-like kernel — typically Linux — alongside other program components, many of which come from GNU Project. Debian can be downloaded over the internet or, for a small charge, obtained on CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc or USB flash drive. As open source software, Debian is developed by nearly 1,000 active programmers from around the world who collectively form Debian Project.

History of Debian

Launched in 1993 by Ian Murdock, Debian Project was one of the principal free programming ventures to accomplish boundless acknowledgment when the idea of Linux distributions was still new. The name Debian – – pronounced deb-EE-uhn – – is a portmanteau that mixes the maker’s most memorable name, Ian, with that of his significant other, Debra.

Ian Murdock

What is Debian GNU/Linux?

Debian GNU/Linux is the primary Debian distribution and the only distribution that has been authoritatively delivered and considered ready for production. References to the Debian OS typically refer to Debian GNU/Linux, which is based on the Linux kernel.

What are packages?

A Debian distribution includes a large number of software packages that support a variety of functions. Each package includes the scripts, executables, configuration information and documentation necessary to deliver pre-compiled software that can be easily installed and worked on a Debian machine. Debian offers over 59,000 packages that support a wide range of capabilities.


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