Google Dorks to Find Bug Bounty Programs

40 Google Dorks to Find Bug Bounty Programs

Are you an aspiring bug bounty hunter seeking new opportunities? Look no further! In this thoroughly researched and detailed guide, we provide 40 powerful Google Dorks that can reveal hidden bug bounty programs waiting to be uncovered. From precise search queries to targeted phrases, these geeks will guide you through the enormous digital realm and reveal valuable bug bounty schemes. Prepare to improve your bug-hunting talents and maximize your prizes! 💪💰

Google Dorking is an incredibly powerful technique that hackers and security researchers use to unearth sensitive information from the vast expanse of the internet. When combined with bug bounty programs, Google Dorks can become a treasure trove for finding vulnerabilities and securing the digital world. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Google Dorks and how you can use them to excel in bug bounty hunting.

Dorking Cheat Sheet for Advance Searching

Understanding Google Dorking

Definition and History

Google Dorking, also known as Google hacking, involves using advanced search techniques to find information that isn’t easily accessible through normal search queries. This practice dates back to the early 2000s when hackers realized that Google’s powerful search capabilities could be harnessed to discover hidden vulnerabilities and sensitive data.

How Google Dorks Work

Google Dorks utilize search operators that refine and narrow down search results. By combining these operators in various ways, users can pinpoint specific information like login pages, exposed databases, and even security cameras that are inadvertently connected to the internet.

Basic Google Dorking Techniques

Using Search Operators

Search operators are the building blocks of Google Dorks. Some commonly used operators include:

  • site: – Limits search results to a specific domain.
  • intitle: – Finds pages with specific words in the title.
  • inurl: – Searches for URLs containing specific keywords.
  • filetype: – Looks for specific file types.

🔎 Uncovering the Hidden Gems: 40 Google Dorks for Bug Bounty Programs

  1. inurl:bug inurl:bounty
  2. inurl:security intext:bounty
  3. inurl:security ext:txt
  4. inurl:responsible-disclosure
  5. inurl:/.well-known/security
  6. intext:bug bounty program
  7. intext:responsible disclosure program
  8. intext:vulnerability disclosure program
  9. intext:security rewards
  10. intext:bug bounty payout
  11. inurl:security ext:txt -inurl:hackerone -inurl:bugcrowd -inurl:synack
  12. inurl:responsible-disclosure -inurl:hackerone -inurl:bugcrowd -inurl:synack
  13. intext:bug bounty -inurl:hackerone -inurl:bugcrowd -inurl:synack
  14. inurl:/security
  15. inurl:/responsible-disclosure/ swag
  16. inurl:’/responsible disclosure’ hoodie
  17. responsible disclosure hall of fame
  18. inurl:responsible disclosure $50
  19. responsible disclosure europe
  20. responsible disclosure white hat
  21. white hat program
  22. responsible disclosure r=h:nl
  23. responsible disclosure r=h:uk
  24. responsible disclosure r=h:eu
  25. responsible disclosure bounty r=h:nl
  26. responsible disclosure bounty r=h:uk
  27. responsible disclosure bounty r=h:eu
  28. responsible disclosure swag r=h:nl
  29. responsible disclosure swag r=h:uk
  30. responsible disclosure swag r=h:eu
  31. responsible disclosure reward r=h:nl
  32. responsible disclosure reward r=h:uk
  33. responsible disclosure reward r=h:eu
  34. “powered by bugcrowd”
  35. “submit vulnerability report”
  36. “submit vulnerability report” | “powered by bugcrowd” | “powered by hackerone”
  37. intext:”we take security very seriously”
  39. inurl:’vulnerability-disclosure-policy’ reward
  40. intext: security report reward


To succeed in bug bounty hunting, it’s vital to identify suitable chances. Using these 40 Google Dorks, you may discover secret bug bounty schemes that offer money and fame for detecting vulnerabilities. Stay ahead of the curve and take your bug-hunting skills to new heights. Happy bug hunting! 🐛🔍💻.


What is the legality of using Google Dorks?
Using Google Dorks is legal, but accessing or exploiting found vulnerabilities without permission is illegal.

How can I start participating in bug bounty programs?
Sign up on platforms like HackerOne or Bugcrowd, and start exploring their listed programs.

What are some reputable bug bounty platforms?
HackerOne, Bugcrowd, and Synack are some of the most reputable bug bounty platforms.

How do I ensure my searches are ethical?
Stick to public information and avoid unauthorized access to systems. Follow the rules of bug bounty programs.

What should I do if I find a critical vulnerability?
Report it immediately through the proper channels of the bug bounty program you are participating in.


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