Dorking Cheat Sheet for Advance Searching

Dorking Cheat Sheet for Advance Searching

Google dorking, otherwise called Google hacking, can bring data back
that is hard to situate through basic search queries. Using this
technique, information not intended for public access can be discovered.

Google and Bing Search Operators

“Search Term”Search for the exact phrase within ” “
Remove pages that mention a given term from the
search results
+Force Google to return common words that might
ordinarily be discarded
ORSearch for a given search term OR another term
site:Search within a given domain
filetype:Search for a certain file type
intitle:Search for sites with the given word(s) in the page title
inurl:Search for sites with the given word(s) in the URL
intext:Search for sites with the given word(s) in the text of
the page
inanchor:Search for sites that have the given word(s) in links
pointing to them
cache:Show most recent cache of a webpage
IP:Bing only: Finds results based on a given IP address
linkfromdomain:Bing only: Search for links on the given domain


Yandex operates the largest search engine in Russia with about 65%
market shares.

Yandex Search Operators

“I * music”Find all results with any word where the
asterisk (*) is located
Cheshire cat | hatter | AliceSearch for any word in query. This query
works for Google as well
croquet +flamingoThis query would mandate that the page
has the word flamingo, but not croquet
rhost:org.wikipedia.*Reverse host search
mime:pdfSearch for specific file type
!Curiouser !and !curiouserSearch for multiple identical words
Twinkle twinkle little -starExclude “star” from search results
lang:enNarrow search by language
Narrow search by date or date range


Shodan is a search engine for finding Internet-connected devices and
device types. It allows searching for webcams, routers, IoT/SCADA
devices, and more.

Shodan Filters

city:Search for results in a given city
country:Search for results in a given country (2-letter code)
port:Search for a specific port or ports
net:Search a given IP or subnet (e.g.:
product:Search for the name of the software identified in the
version:Search for the version of the product
os:Search for a specific operating system name
title:Search in the content scraped from the HTML tag
html:Search in the full HTML contents of the returned
hostname:Search for values that match the hostname


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