How to Stay Anonymous and Secure Online

Hello there, dear hackers. Welcome back to another blog ; I hope you are all well, happy, and enjoying life. So, in this blog, I’ll talk about internet anonymity and privacy and provide you with detailed instructions. This blog will teach you how to be completely anonymous on the internet.

We will also talk about the following topics.

  • How to hide your true identity.
  • What exactly is the TOR browser?
  • Complete hacking activities while remaining completely anonymous.
  • How to come one step closer to anonymity.
  • How to use a specific operating system to remain anonymous on the internet.

1. Tor Browser – Stay Anonymous

Tor Browser,

Tor browser is designed specifically for anonymous internet access. This Browser isolates each page you visit, preventing third-party trackers and advertisements from following you. Cookies are immediately deleted when you close your browser. Your browsing history will be erased as well.

Tor Browser prevents anyone monitoring your connection from seeing which websites you visit. Anyone watching your surfing activities can only see that you’re using Tor.

As it travels over the Tor network, your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times. The network is made up of thousands of Tor relays, which are managed by volunteers.


2. DuckDuckGo – Anonymous Search

DuckDuckGo Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is an internet privacy firm for everyone who is tired of hidden online tracking and wants to get back their privacy right now.

To learn more, read Duckduckgo’s privacy policies.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Policy

3. Proxy Chain – Enhancing Anonymity

PorxyChain is a utility that allows you to route your internet traffic through numerous proxy servers.

Before we can learn more about proxychain, we must first understand,

What exactly is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a device or router that acts as a connection point between users and the internet. As a result, it aids in preventing cyber attackers from infiltrating a private network.

Proxy servers are classified into three categories.

  • Socks Proxy Server: This type of proxy server connects to a certain server.
  • HTTP Proxy Server: This proxy was designed to handle one-way requests to web pages over HTTP protocols.
  • SSL Proxy Server: This type of server was created using the TCP relaying idea that is utilised in the SOCKS proxy protocol to allow Web Page requests.

4. Burner Phone – Ensuring Anonymity

Burner Phone
Burner Phone

A burner phone, sometimes known as a burner, is a low-cost mobile phone meant for momentary, sometimes anonymous, use before being discarded.

Keep this in mind while purchasing a burner phone. “Any type of your identity should not be linked with that phone.” You must purchase a burner phone with cash or, if ordering online, use virtual credit card services.

Burner phones typically come with a prepaid SIM card pre-loaded with credit, allowing you to call or text right away. When the credit on the phone runs out, you can either dispose of it or load additional credit onto it.

What is a Burner Phone: Everything You Need to Know

5. Security Based Linux Distro

In this topic, we will look at different privacy and anonymity based operating systems that will keep you secure, safe, and anonymous on the internet.

Tails Os:

Tails stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. It makes use of the Tor network to secure your online anonymity and assist you in avoiding censorship. Use use of the Internet as it should be.

 Download Tails

Qubes Os:

It is a free and open-source single-user desktop operating system with a focus on security.
Qubes OS makes use of Xen-based virtualization to enable the development and management of isolated compartments known as qubes.

Download Qubes


Whonix is a security-hardened Linux distribution based on Kicksecure. Its primary goals are to guarantee strong Internet privacy and anonymity. The operating system is made up of two virtual computers, a “Workstation” and a Tor “Gateway” that run Debian GNU/Linux. Every communication is routed through the Tor network.

 Download Whonix

Edward Snowden, an ex- National Security Agency (NSA) employee and subcontractor.

He admits that Tails, Qubes, and Whonix OS are the most secure operating systems ever. He, too, used these operating systems.

 6. Kali-Whomi Tool

The Kali whoami-project is a very handy tool for increasing your privacy while surfing the internet anonymously.

This utility contains 9+ separate modules to assure the highest level of anonymity possible. It also handles any problems without disturbing you using the Bug fixer module, which is currently in development.

Here are few modules that you can tweak on your system to improve your privacy one step further.

  1. Anti mitm (You got ban,during MITM attack)
  2. Log killer (Distroy log files on your system)
  3. IP changer (Hide your real IP, and redirect traffic through TOR.)
  4. Dns change (Change your DNS server provide by ISP)
  5. Mac changer (Change your MAC address)
  6. Anti cold boot (Avoid RAM dumping)
  7. Timezone changer (Change your timezone)
  8. Hostname changer (Change your hostname)
  9. Browser anonymization (Configures the browser to be privacy focused)

GitHub Download

7. Use Secure Email Service

In this guide we’ll go over each available Email service and tell you which ones are best suited for your needs (and budget). We’ll also look at some tips on how to choose the right service provider for your business or organization so that your information stays safe as long as possible!

Protonmail (Best ever email services.)
Fastmail (Best paid email services.)
Tutanota Mail (Alternative of protonmail.)

Most Secure Email Service Providers

Here are certain habits you should break if you want to be anonymous.

Chrome ➡️ Brave, TOR.
Google ➡️ DuckDuckGo.
Gmail ➡️ Protonmail, Fastmail, Tutanota Mail
Windows ➡️ Linux, Tail, Qubes, Whonix.
Whatsapp ➡️ Signal, Telegram.
Paypal ➡️ Bitcoin.

In conclusion, mastering online anonymity and security is essential in today’s digital landscape. By implementing the strategies and tools discussed in this guide, you can safeguard your privacy and protect yourself from online threats. Remember, staying anonymous and secure online requires a proactive approach, including using tools like Tor Browser, Proxy Chains, and Burner Phones. Continuously educating yourself on cybersecurity best practices and staying vigilant against potential risks will help you navigate the internet safely and confidently.


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