Burner Phone
Burner Phone

What is a Burner Phone: Everything You Need to Know

A “burner phone” is a low-cost, disposable mobile phone. Criminals frequently use burner phones to avoid being detected by law enforcement. You may use a burner phone for privacy or an emergency, or you may use it as a last resort.

A “burner SIM” is a similar phrase that refers to a cheap, disposable SIM card that can be inserted into another phone. You may plan to use the SIM card for a short period of time only, and therefore linking it to your real identity is not required.

What is a Burner Phone and Prepaid phone

A burner phone is a prepaid phone. However, burners differ from prepaid phones in that they are used for a single purpose and then disposed of with cash (and without a contract), making them far more difficult to track.

If your old phone still works and has a charged battery, consider using it as a burner phone instead of purchasing a new one. Before you start protecting your phone, be sure to factory reset it.

A burner is an inexpensive mobile phone designed for temporary use after which it can be discarded. Burners are purchased with prepaid minutes and without a contract. If the user suspected the number was compromised they could dump the phone and buy a new one, which would have a new number.

In today’s age, most people have smart phones which are able to utilize a variety of different software. The problem is that some of this software we install may be potentially dangerous for both the user and their cellphone as well. For example, one piece of software that could cause a major issue for security risk if installed is called Find My Phone.

It basically keeps track of your current location so you can go find your cell phone if it’s misplaced.  Anyone would think this is great, but unfortunately there are many other reasons someone would want to know where you currently are, such as a stalker or even the government. There was even an incident where Find My Phone led law enforcement officers directly to a criminal’s home!

5 Reasons to Use a Burner Phone

1. Privacy

One of the main reasons to use a disposable phone is to protect your privacy. A burner phone is not linked to you, so when (if) it is confiscated by authorities or intercepted by anyone else for that matter, then your real identity will not be compromised. This can be especially important during times of turmoil and political unrest in authoritarian regimes as any participation in anti-government activities could put your freedom at risk!

2. Avoid Spam Calls and Messages

You might find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to receive telemarketing calls but you do want to continue using modern technological services. An easy solution for this problem is a prepaid phone with a new number, which can be as old-fashioned as buying a burner from a store and then turning that phone off before selling it again and getting another. This allows you to continue using such services without opening up your primary phone line or your email address.

3. Easy to carry and  Protect Your Primary Phone Number

Hackers and travellers often use burner phones while traveling. The thought of dropping an expensive iPhone off a high cliff is enough to make even the most daring person uncomfortable, so carrying a burner is their solution. They will come in handy in areas or towns where you think you might be duped because if it gets stolen, someone can replace it!

4. Being anonymous

You can actually use a burner phone for other circumstances besides those where you need to remain anonymous. Just one example is when a journalist is negotiating with a source over potentially explosive news. Even in the United States, newsrooms have been known to utilize burner phones because of the necessity to keep their source’s identity safe. The reason journalists really prefer using burner phones over traditional ones this way seems to be more cautionary than anything else.

5. Avoid roaming calls to another country

Burner phones are usually a feature of prepaid plans. They can be used as emergency numbers, or to call back home when you are out of the country. You must however keep in mind that they are not connected to any network and that roaming charges can be high.

There are several options which you can explore if you want to enjoy low roaming rates on your international trip. For example, prepaid phone cards allow you to purchase a local SIM card at a much lower cost. With this SIM card, you will have access to all of your phone’s features abroad, but with a reduced data plan.

Additionally, prepaid SIM cards are available for purchase online from businesses like GSMWorld. People who frequently travel and wish to stay in touch while away from home should use these cards. This allows you to use your phone as usual while avoiding heavy roaming fees.

Does Burner Phone guarantee anonymity

While burner phones have many legitimate uses, they can be a great way to protect your identity. However, you should remember that to get the most out of one, you still want to be very careful about how you handle it. While the SIM card will remove the association between your phone and your real-world identity, and therefore make it more difficult for others to identify who you are specifically, it will not do so all of the time.

Consider all of the methods that someone looking for you may use. For example, imagine the credit card you used to purchase the phone. If investigators can obtain this information and cross-reference it with other records from the time you purchased it, such as tower location data or in-store security camera footage, they may be able to precisely identify you!

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