The 5 Most Secure Email Service Providers In 2023

most secure email provider
secure email provider

In this day and age of cyber terrorism and mass surveillance, it’s crucial for everyone to take precautions to protect their personal information. Fortunately, there are a number of email services out there that provide both security and privacy.

However, not all email providers are created equal—some are better than others at protecting the data they store on their servers from hackers.

In this guide we’ll go over each available Email service and tell you which ones are best suited for your needs (and budget). We’ll also look at some tips on how to choose the right service provider for your business or organization so that your information stays safe as long as possible!

Best Secure Email Service Providers

1. Proton Mail

proton mail

ProtonMail is a free, encrypted email service that doesn’t require any personal information to sign up. It’s based in Switzerland and uses the OpenPGP standard for encryption.

The service has no ads and allows you to send messages with attachments of up to 1GB per attachment size (which can include photos).

ProtonMail’s Swiss-based servers are located in an underground bunker that is fortified enough to withstand a nuclear attack. This level of security was established in response to the leaks from Edward Snowden.
Setting itself apart from other email providers, ProtonMail offers “self-destructing” emails that are automatically removed from the inbox of the recipient after a pre-determined amount of time.

2. Securemyemail


Securemyemail is a secure email service that offers end-to-end encryption. It’s not the cheapest option on this list, but it’s still affordable. You can sign up for Securemyemail on their website or via their mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

You’ll need to download the software yourself if you don’t already have access to your computer or smartphone; once done, follow along with their instructions for setting up an account and connecting it with an existing Gmail account (or creating one).

It really couldn’t be easier! Securemyemail uses a zero-knowledge system: they do not have access to your data at all—and neither do we!

3. Posteo


Posteo is an email provider that offers an alternative to mainstream services like Gmail and Outlook. All emails sent through Posteo are encrypted and stored on servers in Germany, which means they’re subject to the country’s stringent privacy laws.

In addition, the platform is concerned with sustainability and is completely ad-free, making it a popular choice for those who value their privacy and the environment.

They also offer anonymous cash payments, so you can use the service without having to enter any of your personal or financial information. By supporting both POP and IMAP, Posteo can be directly integrated with your chosen mail client.

This means that you can manage your Outlook email signature within Posteo, ensuring that all outgoing emails look professional and consistent. Of course, your privacy is always maintained.

4. Zoho Mail

 Zoho Mail

If you want to secure your email, Zoho Mail is the best option. It’s a webmail service that provides secure email services for businesses and individuals. The service has a high level of security and privacy features like advanced encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA) and other security features such as spam filters.

Zoho Mail is a secure and reliable email provider that offers a wide range of features for business users. All emails are encrypted with S/MIME, which ensures that messages can only be read by the intended recipient.

The free version also includes a word processor, webinar platform, chat features, and more. You can manage multiple email boxes from one dashboard, which is handy if you have multiple employees.

5. PrivateMail


PrivateMail is an email provider that’s based in the United States and is subject to certain legal restrictions. It doesn’t offer the same amount of privacy from law enforcement or government agencies as an email provider based in Germany or Switzerland.

However, it does offer end-to-end encryption and secure cloud storage. PrivateMail also has a very secure cloud storage service that’s included in all of its paid plans. This makes it a great option for people who are looking for a more secure way to store their data in the cloud.

The cloud storage feature is extremely powerful and offers the ability to sync files between devices as well as with a specific folder on your computer. The email calendar is also a great feature for business users.

PrivateMail Standard comes with 10GB of email and cloud storage space each, while Pro offers 20GB of space. There are also business plans available for enterprise-level users that offer 100GB of storage and a custom domain.


The best email services providers will have a great deal to offer you. These are companies that have been in the industry for a long time, and they understand how much can be lost when your company’s email service is interrupted or hacked. Every company has its own preferences for what makes a good email provider, but if you do your research and find one that matches your needs, then everything else will fall into place!

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