OpenAI Launches Bug Bounty Program Offers Up to $20000

OpenAI Launches Bug Bounty Program Offers Up to $20000
OpenAI Bug Bounty Program

OpenAI has recently launched its Bug Bounty Program to incentivize researchers who identify and report security vulnerabilities in their systems. The Bug Bounty Program is an important step towards enhancing the security of OpenAI’s infrastructure.

OpenAI is committed to promoting and advancing research in the field of friendly AI. One of their well-known models is ChatGPT. Which can engage in conversational interactions. ChatGPT has the ability to respond to follow-up questions, acknowledge errors, challenge incorrect assumptions, and reject inappropriate requests.

On Tuesday, OpenAI announced a bug bounty programme in which participants will be rewarded between $200 and $20,000. For discovering vulnerabilities in ChatGPT, OpenAI plugins, OpenAI API, and other associated services.

The notice stated, “We invite you to report vulnerabilities, defects, or security flaws you identify in our systems.” “By reporting your findings. You will help to make our technology safer for everyone.”

The OpenAI Bug Bounty Program offers an avenue for security researchers to contribute to the safety and security of our technology and company. We highly value the insights and contributions of such individuals, and we encourage them to report any vulnerabilities, bugs, or security flaws. They may discover in our systems. By doing so, they will play a vital role in enhancing the safety of our technology for all.

To ensure a seamless experience for all participants. We have collaborated with Bugcrowd, a leading bug bounty platform. To manage the submission and reward process. We have also provided detailed guidelines and rules for participation on our Bug Bounty Program page.

To incentivize testing and as a token of our appreciation, we will be offering cash rewards based on the severity and impact of the reported issues. Our rewards range from $200 for low-severity findings to up to $20,000 for exceptional discoveries.

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