Best AI Plagiarism Checkers to Detect ChatGPT-Generated Content
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The Best Plagiarism Checkers To Detect AI-Generated Content

In this article, we will discuss some of the best free plagiarism checkers that you can use to detect AI-generated content. We will also look at some tips on how to avoid accidental plagiarism and ensure that all your work is original and unique.

Plagiarism is an act of using someone else’s work without giving credit to the original author. With the rise of AI-generated content, it has become more important than ever to use a plagiarism checker to detect any form of plagiarism.

There are many free plagiarism checkers available online that can help you detect and identify AI-generated content. These tools can be used to scan through your text and detect any copied or paraphrased material from other sources. They also provide detailed reports about the level of similarity between your text and other sources.

Best AI Plagiarism Checker Of 2023

1. Copyleaks AI Plagiarism Checkers

Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Copyleaks AI Content Detector is a powerful tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent plagiarism in documents. It is used to ensure that documents are unique and original, and are not copied from other sources.

With this technology, users can quickly identify any instances of plagiarism in documents before they are published or shared. Copyleaks AI Content Detector can be used for a variety of purposes, such as checking for copyright infringement, ensuring originality in academic papers, and detecting plagiarism in web content.

It is a powerful tool that helps to ensure that documents are unique and of the highest quality. Copyleaks claims that its AI plagiarism detector has 99.12% accuracy in determining which content was written by AI and which by humans.

The program also supports a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, German, and others. Copyleaks has a “fight fire with fire” strategy, in which the program employs AI to detect AI-generated text. This allows the tool to progress alongside the most recent AI chatbots and makes it capable. Copyleaks even guarantees ChatGPT 4 support whenever it is released.

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2. GPT Radar Plagiarism Checkers


Another tool built on GPT-3 is GPT Radar, an appropriately named AI plagiarism detector. The checker recognizes all types of text online using AI and categorizes it as human or AI. The tool is accessible through a straightforward website, which almost makes it seem too simple.

Nevertheless, it does the job and functions well. I pasted Lorem Ipsum into the tool along with my articles, and it produced some intriguing results. As you can see, the tool claims that a sizable AI model most likely created the “Lorem Ipsum” text.

The text’s perplexity, or the model’s capacity to predict words, was also listed by GPTRadar. Additionally, the tool separated text passages into human- and AI-generated categories. In addition, the AI plagiarism detector provided a wealth of information, such as token probability and distribution.

Users of GPTRadar receive 2,000 tokens for free to use as part of its token-based operation. Additional credits can be purchased for as little as if you desire more.

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3. AI Text Classifier Plagiarism Checkers

 OpenAI Text Classifier

A recent AI plagiarism detector made available by OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT. The company’s app, known as AI Text Classifier, uses a finely tuned GPT model. The classifier is in charge of determining whether text entry was made by a human or an AI and how likely each is to occur.

On data pairs that include both human and artificial intelligence (AI) inputs, the AI plagiarism checker was trained. This makes it easier for the tool to spot stolen AI text. The app is business website based and works with all types of text. Additionally, OpenAI has made it clear that the tool is not yet fully reliable and should not be relied upon as the main method of plagiarism detection.

But when I did some tests using hackreveal’s own article and some excerpts from Wikipedia, it was easy to tell that the text was human. One of the best AI plagiarism checkers that is free to use but has a minimum text input requirement of 1,000 characters.

4. GPTZero

best free plagiarism checkers

This AI plagiarism checker has been praised by many people online and appears to be relatively effective. GPTZero is a simple AI content detector that works with different types of text. The service uses statistical data to identify whether or not the text was produced by a human. Additionally, it employs an algorithm that assesses not only originality but also ambiguity and burstiness.

My overall impression of GPTZero was positive, with only a few issues. The technique distinguished between human-generated and AI-generated articles with ease. Unfortunately, there were a few occasions where it incorrectly identified the original text as AI-written.

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that this occurred only on few occasions. I liked how the programme was precise about its measurements, which is something that not many AI plagiarism checkers do. In addition, the tool is absolutely free to use.

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5. Plagibot

best plagiarism checker

Plagibot is an innovative technology designed to detect plagiarism and help writers protect their original content. It allows writers to check for potential copyright infringements of their work and to ensure their work remains protected. Plagibot combines automatic plagiarism detection with other features such as citation checking and a variety of sophisticated algorithms to ensure the highest accuracy rates of plagiarism detection.

The sophisticated algorithms used by Plagibot are designed to go beyond simple keyword matching to accurately identify if a work is original or not. It can search through a vast amount of indexed content from over 50 billion sources, including websites, books, and journals, to verify the originality of the work. It also offers users the ability to customize their scan settings to suit their specific needs.

At its core, Plagibot is intended to save writers time and resources by quickly detecting potential copyright infringements of their work. It’s especially useful for students and other members of the academic community, who can use it to ensure their work meets the standards of their professors and institutions. Additionally, authors, bloggers, and other content creators can use Plagibot to help protect their work from digital theft.

Overall, Plagibot is a useful tool for anyone looking to protect their original content. It combines efficient plagiarism detection with customizable algorithm settings, making it a valuable tool for detecting potential copyright infringements.

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