WhatsApp to Soon Block Users from Taking Screenshots!

WhatsApp’s Roll Out Screenshot Blocking Feature (2022)

Screenshot blocking is a feature which allows users to protect their sensitive screenshots. This feature has been introduced by many apps recently, and most of the social media apps are coming up with this feature to prevent sensitive information from being leaked.

It is very common that people would want to take a screenshot of some important things, such as private messages on social media websites, sensitive information like personal details or account numbers etc.

WhatsApp have recently started implementing screenshot blocking feature for safeguarding your personal information from being leaked publicly.

WhatsApp’s Screenshot Blocking Feature

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that will give users more control over how their information is received, shared and stored.

The update will make it impossible for a viewer to take a screenshot of a message, be it a photo or a video, which was sent with the ‘View Once’ filter.

When someone attempts to take a screenshot of ‘View Once’ media, WhatsApp will flash an alert saying “Can’t take screenshots due to security policy.”

WhatsApp Block Users from Taking Screenshots!

A recent report by BetaNews reveals that WhatsApp beta users have started seeing the Screenshots Blocking feature as part the beta version, 22,21,0,71.

This was earlier only available for Android beta users. The feature will restrict people from capturing screenshots of disappearing images and videos. Which WhatsApp refers to as “View Once” messages. Screen recording will be restricted too.

The idea is to keep the privacy of users so they don’t save or share a particular image or video. Which disappears after 24 hours. If someone tries to capture a screenshot of a photo/video, a popup will appear to block the action.

If somehow, the user manages to record the screen or take a screenshot, then the film will appear blank or black, protecting the media that was shared on WhatsApp by the sender.

WhatsApp’s Screenshot Blocking Feature

WhatsApp is currently testing the Screenshot Blocking feature for both Android and iOS users but it remains to be seen when it will be available for stable users. We can expect this to happen anytime soon, but we won’t forget to let you know so keep visiting Beebom.com for updates. Also, what do you think about this feature? Let us know in the comments below.


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