Binder Trace: a tool for intercepting and parsing Android Binder messages

Binder Trace: a tool for intercepting and parsing Android Binder messages

Binder Trace

Binder Trace is a tool for intercepting and parsing Android Binder messages. Think of it as “Wireshark for Binder”.

⚙️ Installation

You’ll need a rooted Android device or emulator.

  • (Linux only) – install xclip or xsel for “copy to clipboard” functionalitysudo apt-get install xclipsudo apt-get install xsel
  • Clone the repo and install python dependenciespip install -r binder_trace/requirements.txt
  • Check which version of frida is installed (make sure you’ve pip installed the requirements)pip list | grep frida
  • Download the matching version of frida-server from the frida releases page
  • Make sure adb is running as root, push frida-server to your device and run itadb rootadb push frida-server /data/local/tmpchmod u+x /data/local/tmp/frida-serveradb shell /data/local/tmp/frida-server


-hPrints the argument help.
-d DEVICEThe device to attach to e.g. “emulator-5554”. Use adb devices to list available devices. If not provided defaults to the USB device.
-p PIDThe pid of the process on DEVICE to attach to.
-n NAMEThe name of the process on DEVICE to attach to e.g. “Messaging”.
-s STRUCTPATHThe path to the directory of structure files.

▶️ Starting binder trace

To start binder trace we need to pick a device and process to attach to. In the following example we use adb and frida-ps to identify a process to attach to on a local emulator. As it’s an Android 11 emulator we choose the Android 11 structs directory. Pick the struct directory that most closely matches your version of Android. If you would like structures for a different version of Android, please let us know. Once it’s running start using the target app to generate some binder transactions.

> adb devices
List of devices attached
emulator-5554   device

> frida-ps -Ua
 PID  Name           Identifier
----  -------------  ----------------------------
8334  Messaging
7941  Phone
9607  Settings

> cd binder_trace
> python -m binder_trace -d emulator-5554 -n Messaging -s ../structs/android11

⌨️ Controls

upMove up
downMove down
shift + upPage up
shift + downPage down
homeGo to top
endGo to bottom
tabNext pane
shift + tabPrevious pane
ctrl + cCopy pane to clipboard
fOpen filter options
hOpen help

🔎 Filtering

If you’re interested in specific messages you can filter the displayed results with the following options.

  • Interface – limit results to interfaces that contain the case sensitive search string e.g. “” or “Sms”.
  • Method – limit results to function names containing the specified case sensitive string.
  • Type – Limit results to certain types of messages e.g. requests or responses.

Once you’ve entered your filter options just press Enter to apply them.


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