Cyberonix: A Valuable Tool for Cybersecurity Professionals

Recently a new tool was released for cyber security experts and enthusiasts. The application serves as a comprehensive resource portal for the entire cyber security community. The creators aim to make this service a one-stop shop for all hackers looking for resources on various cyber security concerns. The name of the tool is Cyberonix.

Cyberonix is an open source and free tool developed by Team Defronix Solution. Initially, the tool is created by a group of students as part of their Internship at Defronix Solution completing their Diploma in Cyber Security Training.

It is a comprehensive resource center for the Cyber Security Community. The idea is to make this tool a one-stop shop for all hackers looking for resources on various topics related to cyber security.

Cyberonix Installation


Step 1: Log in to the root terminal.

Step 2: First, use the command to update your system to ensure it can handle the tool dependencies:

sudo apt update -y && apt full-upgrade -y

Step 3: Clone the application’s repository from github:

git clone

Step 4: Go into the directory of the app:

cd Cyberonix

Step 5: Then set the permissions of the file:

chmod +x

Step 6: Run the file(in order to set the mandatory dependencies and processes for the tool to work):

sudo python3

Step 7: Finally, access the tool interface by typing:


How to use the tool

1: To begin using the programme, enter the help command into the terminal to learn about the fundamental instructions you can use to run it.

cyberonix -h
ctrl+c for exit
enter for back

2: Create your final command use this helpful guidance before accessing the entire ability set that this tool has to offer.

Cyberonix is a complete resource hub for Cyber Security Community. Our aim is to make this
tool an 1 stop solution for all the Hackers out there to get resources of various topics in
Cyber Security. We will keep updating this tool & adding new & updated resources on the go.

  -h, --help                  how this help message and exit
  --domain DOMAIN, -D DOMAIN  Specify the domain
  --output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT  Specify An Output File (-o path/to/location)
  --file FILE, -f FILE        Specify An Input File (-f path/to/file.txt)
  --ip IP, -ip IP             Specify IP Address

Main Arguments:
  --tools, -t                 Run Tools Function
  --cheatsheet, -c            Run Cheatsheet Function
  --news [Date], -n [Date]    Date In The Format yyyy-mm-dd

  --getip, -gip               Get Ip Of A Domain(options: --file,--domain,--output)
  --ipinfo, -ipi              Get IP Infomation(Options: --ip,--file,--output)

DNS Records:
  --dnsrecord, -dns           To Get DNS Records(options: --domain,--file,--output) and use --record to specify record name
  --record RECORD, -r RECORD  To Give Record For DNSrecord(Like: A,TXT,MX)

  --screenshot, -s            To Get Screenshot Of Websites(options: --file,--domain,--output)

ASN Record:
  --asnrecord, -asn           To Get ASN Record(Options: --ip,--file,--output)

Password Generation:
  --passwordgen, -P           To Generate Password
  --default-password-gen, -pass
                              To Generate Random Password (Recommended)(You can only use --length,--checkpassword)
  --upper, -u                 For Uppercase
  --lower, -l                 For Lowercase
  --digits, -d                For Digits
  --punctuation, -p           For Punctuation
  --length LENGTH, -L LENGTH  To Specify Length Of Password (Default=8)
  --checkpassword, -C         To Check Your Generated Password

HTTP Status:
  --http-status, -S           To Get Http Status Code Of A Domain(Options: --domain,--file,--output)

remove duplicate:
  --remove-duplicate, -rd     To Remove Dublicates From a File(Options: --file,--output


This tool is highly beneficial for cybersecurity professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. It serves as a valuable resource for learning about new tools and expanding knowledge in these fields. By utilizing this tool, individuals can greatly enhance their understanding and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in cybersecurity and technology.

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