The Ultimate Guide on Changing Snapchat AI Gender

Change Snapchat AI Gender

Discover how to quickly and easily change the gender of your Snapchat AI in a few easy steps. This guide will teach you how to change the skin tone, hairstyle, and clothing of your AI. A chatbot that looks just like you may be made with a little time and effort!

What is Snapchat AI?

Snapchat AI is a chatbot that you can personalize so that it appears to be like you. It is powered by ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. Snapchat AI is able to assist you with planning your day, providing guidance and answers to your queries.

How to change Snapchat AI gender

  • Open Snapchat, proceed to the My AI chat option.
  • In the upper left corner, tap the profile symbol.
  • Click “Customize.”
  • Press “Avatar.”
  • Click on the image of the gender you’d like to change to.
  • Now, you can change the avatar’s appearance, including its skin tone, hair, and attire.
  • Once finished, press “Save.”
Snapchat AI

That’s it, guys! You’ve been successful in changing My AI’s gender on Snapchat. While it is simple to do so the first time, you are unable to go back to the gender that was chosen at first using the same procedures. These procedures are only necessary if this is your first time changing the gender of My AI. You will need to take various actions, which we have outlined below, in order to update it once more.


In conclusion, this post has given you a brief and simple how-to for changing the gender of your Snapchat AI. You can change your AI’s look in a few easy steps, including their skin tone, hair, and clothing. You can build a chatbot that looks a lot like you if you put in the necessary effort. So feel free to customize your AI to make it really yours!


Q1. Is there a gender filter for Snapchat AI available on all devices?

The majority of iOS and Android smartphones support the Snapchat AI gender filter. To use this function, though, you must have the most recent version of the Snapchat app loaded.

Q2. Is it possible to change the gender filter on Snapchat AI?

The Snapchat AI gender filter has been designed to modify your look automatically depending on your face traits. There are currently just Snapchat-exclusive accessories and filters available for customization.

Q3. Can numerous faces be included in a shot and still use the Snapchat AI gender filter?

Indeed, numerous faces in a single shot may be analyzed and transformed by the Snapchat AI gender filter. Just make sure that every face is in focus and in the right place inside the frame of the camera.


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