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How To Create And Send WhatsApp Avatar In Android, iPhone

How To Create And Send WhatsApp Avatar

WhatsApp has launched the new WhatsApp avatar feature, allowing you to create a customized profile picture that can be used as your selfie, or displayed on the top of your chats.

The feature has been rolled out to India, while other countries will also be getting the feature soon. This WhatsApp avatar creation and sending feature is available on Both Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp chats can become more engaging when you add emojis and stickers into the mix. WhatsApp offers the ability to send stickers in chats, and you can now make and send Avatars as well. If you like the concept of Bitmojis and Memojis, you can create a similar Avatar on WhatsApp.

Learn how to create and send unique WhatsApp avatars with this comprehensive guide! Easy instructions make it possible for everyone to customize their messages.

What is a WhatsApp Avatar?

A WhatsApp Avatar is a profile picture that is used to represent a user on the WhatsApp messaging platform. The Avatar can be used to represent the user in chat messages, status updates, and in other areas of the WhatsApp interface.

The WhatsApp Avatar is a way for users to personalize their WhatsApp experience and to make their profile stand out from the rest. The WhatsApp Avatar can be changed at any time and there are no restrictions on what image can be used as an Avatar.

It can be a photo of yourself, a cartoon character, or anything else that you choose. When you set up a new account, you’re asked to create an avatar. You can also change your avatar at any time by going to the settings menu.

How to Create WhatsApp Avatar In 2023

Learn how to create and send unique WhatsApp avatars with this comprehensive guide! Easy instructions make it possible for everyone to customize their messages. You can now create avatars on WhatsApp for both Android and iPhone users. To do so, simply ensure your WhatsApp app is updated and follow the steps below:

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Here you will see a new option avatar under your name, tap on it

WhatsApp Avatar

2. Tap on create your avatar. Then click on “Get Started” option 


3. Now select a skin tone for your avatar. The skin tones range from dark to light, so choose the one that best represents you. Then click on next button

skin tone for your avatar


  • Select a hairstyle for your avatar. The hairstyles range from short and choppy to long and flowing, but most are somewhere in between those two extremes.
  • Choose hair colour and length for your avatar’s hair: black, blonde or red? You can even choose whether or not you want an undercut beard or mustache!
  • you can also choose from different facial features like eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows, along with accessories like mustache and beard .
  • After you have created your avatar, you can then select clothes for your avatar, including tops and bottoms as well as eyewear from different categories. You can change the colour of your hat and glasses if necessary.
  • You can choose different types of hats for your avatar too by tapping on the Hats category followed by selecting one from different options. The avatars come in various colours, so it’s easy to find one that matches your skin tone.

4. You can upload a photo of yourself . Select the options that best represent your personality. If you’re ever confused about which customization option to pick, simply tap the mirror icon on the right side of your avatar. This will allow you to see a reflection of yourself as you create your avatar.

 photo of yourself,
how to create whatsapp avatar android

5. Once done customizing your avatar in WhatsApp and happy with how it looks, tap on the done option at the top-right of the screen to save it.

You’re almost done updating your WhatsApp avatar! Just tap “Next” to reach the Avatar section in the app again.

How to Share Your WhatsApp Avatar in Chats

1. Open WhatsApp chat then click on the emoji icon in the text bar.

How to Share Your Avatar in WhatsApp Chats

2. You will now see a WhatsApp Avatar icon at the bottom of your screen, next to the GIF and sticker options. Click on the Avatar icon to access the WhatsApp Avatar stickers.

Tap the Avatar icon.

3. Now, you will see several WhatsApp Avatar stickers based on emotions like love, sadness, anger, and more. Choose your emotion and send the sticker you like. WhatsApp says that it creates over 36 stickers based on your Avatar.


With the WhatsApp Avatars feature, you can now send personal avatars rather than emojis or stickers. This will help you create a personalised image and make it more appealing for your friends and family members.

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