Indus Battle Royale

Indus Made in India Battle Royale Game Every Thing You Need To Know

SuperGaming, a Pune-based game developer, has been hard at work creating their upcoming battle royale game Indus. Which combines Indian culture with elements of the future. After receiving positive feedback from their playtests last year.

The studio has released a new gameplay trailer for the game, along with pre-registration for the Android version via the Google Play Store. iOS players will be able to pre-register at a later date.

With the trailer and pre-registration, we now have a better understanding of the unique Indian-futuristic battle royale experience that Indus has to offer.

The mobile gaming industry in India has been facing significant challenges in recent times due to the government’s decision to ban. The two most popular games player PUBG and BattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI), due to their connection to China.

Even if BGMI is able to make a comeback in India, there is no assurance that it will not be banned again. This has left gamers in a difficult situation as they try to find creative ways to bypass the bans, as there are no other games on the market that have been able to replicate the same battle royale experience as PUBG and BGMI.

A new gameplay trailer has been released, giving us a glimpse of the map of Indus – Virlok. It displays different places and landmarks of the map. Showing us Mythwalkers, the players of the game, battling against each other.

The gameplay trailer for the game Paragons offers a glimpse of the four character skins featured in the game. These skins, namely Adam, Sir-Taj, Adya, and Big Gaj, possess a futuristic aesthetic, while simultaneously maintaining an Indian-inspired design that is consistent with the game’s Indo-Futurism foundations.

Indus , Indus Battle Royale

The trailer for SuperGaming’s upcoming game, Virlok, does not end with just its maps. It also reveals an impressive variety of weapons that players will be able to scavenge and loot.

These weapons draw inspiration from reality and other video games, such as the Kismet CS10 Shotgun, A27 Locust Assault Rifle. The unique Judgement pistol, and the Devastator LMGs. Each of these weapons has been given a futuristic twist, emphasizing the ambitious scope that SuperGaming seeks to achieve.

The game developed by Supergaming seems to have been inspired by Apex Legends in terms of character designs, weapon designs, and gunplay.

The maps are also clean and neat with no distracting elements. What is interesting is that Supergaming has decided to conceal the Heads-Up Display (HUD) in the trailer for the game. Leading to speculation about whether it will offer the same passive, active, and ultimate abilities that Apex Legends does.

Indus Battle Royale Pre-Registration

The pre-registration for the upcoming battle royale game, Indus, has finally gone live for Android users today. Therefore, if you want to be amongst the first people to try out this game, make sure to visit the given link and pre-register right away.

Unfortunately, iOS users will have to wait a bit longer before they can get their hands on the game. Moreover, those who pre-register early will be rewarded with a special surprise from SuperGaming.

That they claim will “make the player’s experience of Indus truly their own”. Lastly, SuperGaming has also announced that they will be hosting another community playtest in 2023 and will reveal the dates shortly.

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