The 7 Best AI Website Builders In 2024

AI Website Builders

Hey there! Are you searching for the perfect AI-powered solution to build your website? In the dynamic world of technology, AI website builders have revolutionized the way we create stunning and functional websites. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 7 AI website builders of 2024, each offering unique features and capabilities to help you bring your web design visions to life seamlessly. So, let’s dive in and explore these cutting-edge tools that are shaping the future of website development!

1. CodeDesign

AI Website Builders

By cleverly utilising AI technology, CodeDesign transforms the way you approach website creation. It is no longer necessary to have a profound understanding of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to create an appealing and effective website. However, CodeDesign streamlines the entire process, effectively eliminating the need for human coding.

This enables businesses and people to concentrate more on what is truly important: curating high-quality content and developing a strong brand identity. What distinguishes CodeDesign is its versatility—it appeals not only to emerging companies looking for a low-cost solution, but also to established enterprises looking to maintain a polished web presence.

CodeDesign’s user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing strategy make it a highly appealing alternative in the crowded field of website builders, whether you’re establishing your first website or redesigning an old one.


  • All your assets and components are securely stored in the cloud, guaranteeing seamless access and protection.
  • The platform includes SEO skills built in.
  • You have the option of publishing your website on CodeDesign’s platform or exporting it as code.
  • There is no need to use an external database because CodeDesign comes with its own relational database.
  • Keep earlier versions of your website for future use.
  • Designed to allow designers and developers to collaborate effortlessly.
  • If you’re unhappy with the initial design, AI can help regenerate it.
  • With the AI Magic tool, you can revamp your content to make it more SEO-friendly and entertaining.

2. Hostinger Website Builder


Hostinger’s AI Website Builder is about more than just convenience; it’s about reinventing what convenience means in website development. The cloud securely stores all your assets and components, ensuring seamless access and protection. The platform guides you through the setup process so effortlessly that you can have a fully functional, customized website ready in under a minute. This makes Hostinger an invaluable resource for people who need to get online quickly without sacrificing quality.

Hostinger adds innovative AI-driven capabilities to its renowned hosting services. Moreover these technologies, which range from AI-assisted copywriting to intelligent analytics, allow you to easily add advanced components to your website.

Given the fast-paced world of online business, having an easy-to-use and dependable website builder can be a game changer. Hostinger fits the bill well, providing a platform that is as efficient as it is powerful to both tech beginners and small enterprises.


  • By simply filling out a few form fields, you may create a complete website.
  • Websites are optimised for mobile devices automatically.
  • You may quickly customise your website without any code.
  • Create interesting content with ease.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind logo in seconds.
  • Tools for optimising your site for search engines and understanding user behaviour are built in.
  • It includes tools for creating an online store.
  • Select from over 100 ready-made templates.

3 Divi AI

Divi AI

Divi AI significantly enhances the WordPress website-building experience by seamlessly integrating with the Divi theme and page builder plugin. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Divi AI effectively understands your website’s context, offering improved customization and functionality. You may create material and images that are not only beautiful but also relevant to your brand with a simple click.

Imagine having a copywriter, digital artist, and photographer at your disposal all the time; that’s how building with Divi AI feels. The platform’s AI Content Writer generates text that is contextually relevant to your website, allowing you to easily populate new pages.

The AI Image Generator generates visually appealing images, while advanced image styles and text prompts allow you to improve on current imagery. Divi AI is a full-fledged site design platform, not just a builder.


  • AI content creation with a single click
  • Image generation and enhancement powered by AI
  • Text generation that is contextually relevant
  • AI copy editing options built in
  • Prompt generator for content ideas
  • The ability to produce complete blog posts based on particular keywords

4. Wix ADI


Wix ADI sets the industry standard for creating intelligent websites. It initiates the creation process by asking basic questions such as your logo and website name. Your inputs help Wix ADI’s AI algorithms tailor homepage designs to your preferences.

The platform does not end there; it extends the power of AI into a simple editor. Moreover you can easily customise each and every corner of your website with a drag-and-drop interface, from colour schemes to adding new elements.

With so many AI-powered features available right from the editor via the Wix App Market, Wix ADI stands out from the competition. Wix offers a wealth of alternatives to boost the performance of your website, ranging from AI content producers to SEO optimization tools.


  • AI-driven design based on customer feedback
  • Drag-and-drop editor allows for simple customization.
  • Wix App Market has a large selection of AI-powered add-ons.
  • Design features that can be customized include buttons, movies, and contact forms.
  • AI SEO optimization methods for improved search engine visibility


With its AI-driven capabilities, not only elevates website creation to new heights but also makes it incredibly efficient. Imagine entering just your location and business type, and within seconds, you have a fully functional website generated for you. Durable makes this incredible feat possible.

The platform’s AI technology populates your website with vital features such as content, graphics, colours, icons, and even a business location map and contact forms. Durable is the definition of user-friendliness, making it excellent for individuals entering the digital world for the first time.

Durable’s powerful collection of dynamic AI features distinguishes it from its competitors. It provides integrated search engine optimisation (SEO), automatic content development, and even business name and ad text generating in addition to website construction. Durable is essentially more than just a website builder; it serves as your personal digital marketing helper.


  • Ai -generated material, visuals, and design components
  • SEO and content development are built in.
  • Creating a company name and ad copy
  • Website launch in three clicks
  • Simple customization with no coding necessary
  • Analytics for tracking performance
  • Integrated marketing tools including AI copywriting and CRM

6. Framer AI

Framer AI

Framer AI is a powerful AI website builder that can generate a whole website design from a single text prompt. Just enter the type of site you desire, and witness the magic unfold. Not only that, but you can also easily switch between different AI outcomes for any element with just a single click, allowing you to customize color schemes and styles to your liking. This versatile tool is suitable for creating almost any type of website, whether it’s a sophisticated landing page or a dynamic blog with an integrated CMS.

The user interface is simple and straightforward, allowing you to change your designs with a no-code visual builder comparable to Figma or Webflow. You may even start a project in Figma and easily migrate it to Framer. You can also use text prompts to generate content (such copywriting and graphics) for your site utilising built-in AI generating technologies.

This expedites the construction process without the need for an expert. The platform is designed with performance and SEO in mind, so you can have a fast website with all of the AI SEO tools you need to get your site off on the right foot. It works with major third-party apps such as YouTube, Lottie, Eventbrite, SoundCloud, and others.


  • Using text prompts, you can create complete websites or single sections.
  • On the fly, generate AI-generated text or graphics for your website.
  • Figma and Webflow-like intuitive user interface
  • SEO-friendly, responsive, and optimised for speed
  • Use Framer’s free domain or add your own personal domain.
  • Marketing analytics and tools

7. 10Web

10Web AI WordPress Builder is a revolutionary AI platform developed for agencies and freelancers that want to easily create high-quality WordPress websites. Its AI-powered features enable customers to create beautiful websites that meet their requirements while saving time.

Users can choose from a variety of paid options, each offering unique capabilities such as AI writer integration, a drag-and-drop editor, and SSL certificates. With these features, users can build stunning websites and landing pages in real time.

What’s truly amazing about 10Web’s offering is that it harnesses the power of WordPress, a platform widely recognized for its versatility and customization capabilities in website development. By seamlessly integrating AI into WordPress site building, 10Web not only enhances user experience but also expands the accessibility of this robust platform to a broader spectrum of users.


  • AI-powered website generation with images and text
  • Based on WordPress to provide a highly customizable foundation for any website
  • Take advantage of AI to recreate old websites for an even faster process


In conclusion, the landscape of AI website builders in 2024 is vibrant and filled with innovative solutions. From the intuitive design capabilities of CodeDesign and Hostinger Website Builder to the AI-powered customization of Divi AI and Wix ADI, these tools offer unmatched convenience and efficiency for creating stunning websites., Framer AI, and 10Web further elevate the game with their advanced features, making them must-have options for anyone looking to leverage AI in web development.

As the demand for user-friendly and visually appealing websites continues to grow, these AI website builders stand out as essential tools for both beginners and seasoned developers alike, ushering in a new era of effortless web design.


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