Unlock Instagram Hacks with Inshackle – The Ultimate Tool

Inshackle – An Tool for Instagram Hacks

Inshackle – Instagram Hacks: is a freely available open-source intelligence tool that can be downloaded for free from GitHub. It is written in the bash programming language. Inshackle is a reconnaissance tool for Instagram accounts and profiles.

When you need information about an Instagram profile that a typical user cannot view, Inshackle comes in handy. The tool can be used to increase your followers, download profile stories, track unfollows, and so on. Because this tool is open source, you can contribute to it. Inshackle displays the location and date of Instagram posts. Inshackle is a strong linux-based tool for controlling social media.


  • Unfollow Tracker.
  • Increase Followers.
  • Download: Stories, Saved Content, Following/followers list, Profile Info.
  • Unfollow all your following.


1: Launch your Kali Linux system and run the following command to install the utility.

git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/inshackle

2: Run the following command to get to the tool’s directory.

cd inshackle

3: To execute the tool, type the following command.

bash inshackle.sh

The tool has been downloaded and is now functional.



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