Using Dual WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone A Beginner’s Guide

WhatsApp will stop working on 49 phones from 2023,check the full list
WhatsApp will stop working on 49 phones from 2023,check the full list

With the growing use of WhatsApp for communication, it is becoming increasingly important to know how to use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android smartphone. This guide will help you understand the process of setting up and using dual WhatsApp accounts in one phone.

You will learn about the various features available on dual WhatsApp accounts, including how to switch between them, how to manage notifications, and more. In addition, this guide will provide tips on optimizing your experience with dual WhatsApp accounts, such as keeping both accounts active and secure.

Use Dual Messenger

Companies such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, and Honor now include ‘Dual Apps’ or ‘Dual Mode’ options (names vary by brand) that allow users to use two different accounts of the same chat application. allows to operate. Let’s begin with the name and location that each manufacturer uses for this feature:

Samsung: Dual Messenger
Settings > Advance features > Dual Messenger

Xiaomi (MIUI): Dual apps
Settings > Dual Apps

Oppo: Clone Apps
Settings > Clone Apps

Vivo: App clone
Settings > App clone

Asus: Twin apps
Settings > Twin apps

Huawei and Honor: App Twin
Settings> App Twin

Follow the steps given below

1: Navigate to Settings.
2: Scroll down and click on apps.

dual whatsapp

3: Select Dual Apps and Click on Create.

4: Enable the WhatsApp toggle bar.

5: Install a WhatsApp clone app.

6: Select the clone WhatsApp app from the app drawer. As an identifying feature, it will have a small orange sign on it.

7: Create your account. This requires you to select a language and enter your phone number.

8: Once you’ve registered your phone number, you’ll be allowed to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.


1: Navigate to Settings

2: And search Dual Apps

Use WhatsApp Web

You’ll have to jump through a few hoops if you want to run a secondary WhatsApp account that’s also active on another device. Even when using their web interface, WhatsApp does not allow a single number to be signed into two devices.

If you’re comfortable using WhatsApp using your phone’s web browser, you can quickly set up an account there. If you already have Dual Messenger installed on your phone, this method will allow you to run a third WhatsApp account.

1: Open the web browser on your phone or tablet and navigate to

2: Choose ‘Desktop site‘ from the three dot icon in the top right corner of the screen.

3: Launch WhatsApp on your primary smartphone and tap on three dot icon in the top right corner. Choose ‘Linked Devices’.

4: Click ‘Link a device,’ then scan the QR code with your secondary smartphone or Android tablet.

You can now use your WhatsApp account on a second smartphone or Android tablet.


These are the two methods in 2023 for using two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. There are some cellphones with vanilla Android OS that might not have Dual Messenger. A third-party app cloner like Parallel App or DoubleApp can be used in this situation. Moreover, you can install the WhatsApp Business app on your phone and create a business account using your backup phone number.

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