7 Hilarious Hacking Prank Websites to Make Fool Your Friends

Prank Websites

Hacking Prank Websites are an excellent way for surprising the people around you. You may simply create false emails, send spoof messages, and even break into other people’s social network accounts using these websites. It important to remember that hacking fake sites should be done responsibly and in good fun.

In this article, we’ll go through how to use hacking prank websites to trick your friends and have a good laugh without facing any consequences. We’ll also go through some of the top hacking prank websites on the internet and how to use them securely.

1. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer, Hacking Prank Websites

Hacker Typer is a fun web application that simulates typing like a professional hacker in movies and television shows. It simulates inputting sophisticated code or commands on the computer screen with many visual effects, giving the impression that you are an expert hacker.

To use Hacker Typer, visit websites such as “hackertyper.net“. When you go to the website, you’ll see a screen that looks like a command line interface or code editor. As you enter, random code snippets or commands will appear on the screen, along with flashing animations, scrolling text and other hacker-like effects.

While Hacker Typer is only for fun and does not require any actual hacking or coding, it can be a fun way to fool your friends or create a hacker-like vibe in a presentation or movie.

Always use technology responsibly and ethically, and avoid engaging in unlawful activities or gaining unauthorized access to computer systems.

2. Pranx


Pranx is one of the funniest prank websites. When you visit the site, you’ll be able to select from a variety of nerdy pranks. It’s a fantastic option for those wishing to play a simple but entertaining prank.

At the top right, you’ll see various icons, such as:

  • Interpol database.
  • Nuclear plant.
  • Password cracker.
  • Bitcoin miner.
  • Code rain.
  • DOS Simulator.

The site displays a simple, white background, as well as lets you choose from a number of different pranks that you can run. Although it appears to be a video gaming website, you may easily play a prank by clicking on any of the offered options. The website also functions well on mobile devices.

Pranx’s hacker simulator creates the illusion that your computer is being hacked. There’s also a fun trick that loops Windows updates on the PC indefinitely! The hacking programmes are also quite convincing. When you run the “Fake Virus” programme, it will display a screen that has been hacked.

3. Geek Typer

When it comes to convincing other people that you’ve transformed into a hacker, Geek Typer has plenty of possibilities. Different versions will make everyone believe you’re attempting to hack into a government or corporate website.

There are 24 distinct themes to pick from, including a visual studio, alien theme, umbrella company, shield version, and more. Depending on the theme, you’ll either get sounds that enhance the experience or pop-up windows that make it appear as though you just opened them.

Some themes will even sound alarms, convincing everyone that you attempted to access a government website. If you need some help, there’s a quick video that walks you through how the site works.

4. Geek Prank 

Geek Pranks is one of the most feature-rich prank sites on the Internet, and tricking other people should be easy with this site. You start with the Windows XP page, whether you’re visiting the “hacker” page to perform a brute force attack on a password or to crack a BIOS update on a Windows computer.

This enables you to move between open programs, use Internet Explorer 7 to surf the Web, or listen to music on cult-favorite Winamp. When you go full screen, other people will think you’ve loaded a real XP program and are living in the last two decades.

Load up the Jurassic Park programme and pretend you can control cars going around the park to take your prank to the next level. Alternatively, you might download the “Matrix Rain” software and try to convince friends that The Matrix was not just a movie.

Don’t forget about the FBI lock, which counts down from 60 minutes and gives the impression that trouble is on its way to your front door. Whatever program you choose, there is something here that will trick your friends and relatives.

5.  WhatsFake

WhatsFake is next on the list. Simply described, this is a bot that generates fake chat messages. You may personalise every aspect of the screen, from the chat profile photo to the phone clock.

This is a great website to use if you want to send an extremely convincing WhatsApp message to prank your friends. It’s not a spoof hacking website, but if you can sell the concept well enough, there’s no shortage of ways to surprise your friends with this techie site.

6. The Google Terminal

Try Google Terminal if you want to seem to your friends as a throwback web user. It was designed to seem like Google in the early 1980s, and the resemblance is remarkable. You may add search strings and execute searches by pressing keys.

It even makes use of relics such as the Commodore 64 and the Apple II. Because your cursor will not operate on the website, all features are only accessible via the keyboard.

It’s a humorous perspective on how Google would have seemed more than three decades ago. There are also a slew of other display possibilities, such as:

  • Google Underwater.
  • Google Mirror.
  • And the hacked version of the Offline Dinosaur game!

7. Hacker Typer 2.0

Hacker Typer 2.0

Users can use this website ethically, for free, and in complete safety. To pretend to be a cyber security professional, start typing random text; the provider provides high-quality services at affordable costs.

You can use this tool to learn new things about coding and other computer skills and enjoy everything good about them. However all that is required is to select the update option and then make the window full-screen. It’s really user-friendly and easy to set up.

It’s a good way to show off your hacking skills because your friend won’t understand what happened on the computer if you keep it full screen and they won’t find out unless you tell them.

Link: Hacker Typer 2.0

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