How to Create An AI Influencer For Free In 2024

AI Influencer

The rise of AI influencers has transformed brand engagement in various industries, including fashion and technology. Additionally, creating an AI influencer can be an innovative and exciting endeavor. Moreover, this article provides guidance on the process, from audience definition to legal considerations, to help craft a compelling and successful AI influencer for your brand or personal use. These digital personas, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, engage audiences and drive engagement on social media platforms.

This article explains how to create an AI influencer from scratch, allowing both brands and individuals to explore the possibilities of AI. It’s a valuable resource for those seeking innovative marketing strategies or those intrigued by AI possibilities.

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What is AI Influencer?

AI influencers are social media personalities who post content and pictures to gain a large following. They are created by AI to mimic human influencers in appearance, attitude, and behavior. They post pictures, stories, and interact with audiences on digital channels.

AI influencers have unique names, personalities, and appearances and are often created by companies or individuals to promote products, services, or ideas. They may collaborate with real AI social media influencers or brands to expand their reach and influence.

These digital personalities can interact with users, create content, and even collaborate with real-life influencers and brands. With their ability to engage audiences 24/7 and adapt to trends swiftly, AI influencers offer a unique marketing advantage in the digital landscape.

Create An AI Influencer

1. Visit

2. Sign in or Login with Google.

3. After logging in, you will be brought to the Home Page. On the HomePage, there are many picture creation possibilities.

4. Select Character templates or simply click on Generate button

5. Type your prompt. (you can use chatgpt for better prompt)

6. To begin, choose your preferred image and enable the Face Lock function. The face will now remain locked for upcoming pictures in various poses.

7. To lock your posture, enable the ‘Control Net’. Now you can try different faces with same posture.

Prompt — Young woman, blue Long hair, smiling Side Face Cut, spanish, wearing gym clothes, tshirt, leggings}, fully covered, hyperrealism, 8K UHD, realistic skin texture, flawed skin, shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, highly detailed,sitting in the cafe

Benefits of using AI influencers in social media marketing

Utilizing AI influencers in your social media marketing strategy comes with a wide range of benefits. Let’s explore some of the key advantages that this cutting-edge technology can offer.

  1. Increased engagement: AI influencers have the ability to captivate and engage with your audience in ways that traditional influencers may not be able to. With their flawless appearance and carefully crafted personalities, AI influencers can attract and retain the attention of your target audience, leading to increased engagement and interaction.
  2. Consistent branding: With AI influencers, you have full control over their appearance, voice, and content. This allows you to ensure consistent branding across all your social media platforms. AI influencers can embody your brand’s values and messaging, helping to strengthen your brand identity and create a cohesive online presence.
  3. 24/7 availability: Unlike human influencers who have limitations in terms of availability and energy, AI influencers can be active 24/7. They can interact with your audience, respond to comments, and promote your brand round the clock. This ensures that your brand is always present and accessible to your audience, regardless of time zones or other constraints.
  4. Cost-effective: Hiring human influencers can be expensive, especially if you’re targeting influencers with a large following. AI influencers, on the other hand, offer a cost-effective alternative. Once created, they require minimal ongoing investment, making them a valuable long-term asset for your social media marketing efforts.
  5. Data-driven insights: By leveraging AI technology, you can collect valuable data and insights about your audience’s preferences, interests, and behaviors. This data can be used to further refine your marketing strategies, personalize content, and improve your overall social media performance.

To create better AI influencer models, follow these tips:

1. Start with a standard prompt, such as a 25-year-old French woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Include specific features like eye color, hair color, age, ethnicity, and background scene.

Example: 25 year old French woman with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting in a coffee shop, blurred background

2. To ensure consistency, keep the beginning of the prompt the same while making new photos. For example:
Initial prompt: A 25-year-old French woman with blonde hair and blue eyes sits in a coffee cafe, blurred background.

New prompt: A 25-year-old French woman with blonde hair and blue eyes blows bubbles in a park with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

3. Use AI tools like Pixlr, ImagenAI, and Upscaler to enhance the images.

4. Use interesting captions and trending hashtags when posting the images on Instagram for greater reach.

5. Along with the ‘Face Lock’ function, you can use the ‘Control Net’ feature to keep the same pose across every photo.

In summary, creating better AI influencer models involves following these tips and incorporating specific features into the character description.


AI influencers are revolutionizing digital marketing by providing unprecedented opportunities for engagement, innovation, and brand-building. As influencer marketing evolves, embracing AI influencers is a strategic investment that will drive long-term growth and differentiation in the digital ecosystem. Whether a brand is looking to revolutionize its marketing strategy or an individual is intrigued by AI possibilities, now is the time to create your own AI influencer.

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