Engineer Hack Passport Verification System to Impress His Wife, Arrested

Engineer Hack Passport Verification System to Impress His Wife, Arrested
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A husband in loves probably went out of his way to prove the statement. “I’d Do Anything for Love!”. Paradoxically, his attempt to impress his wife backfired, landing in him arrest.

Raja Babu Shah, a 27-year-old civil engineer and techie from UP, was recently arrested by Mumbai’s cyber police for allegedly illegally hacking into the passport verification branch of the city police.

It is believed that the wife of the accused wanted to work in another country and had applied for a passport. His wife, passport approval was not received in passport verification.

To fulfill his wife’s wish, Shah decides to hack into the Mumbai Police’s computer system and clear his wife’s police investigation records. So that her passport can be verified.

The police claimed, “There was no problem with the applicant’s passport form and documents. But, after preliminary investigation, the officials put the passport application on hold.”

To prevent any suspicion. Shah authorized the passport verification of three other women applicants from Antop Hill, Chembur, and Tilak Nagar in Mumbai, using an internet protocol (IP) address assigned to a device in Noida (to access the passport verification system).

Shah’s wife lives in Mumbai, the police said. She had requested for a passport. According to the Times of India, Shah “illegally accessed the system and cleared three checks including that of his wife”.

“The documents provided by Shah’s wife were already correct, and there was no problem. However, the FIR has resulted in the suspension of Shah’s wife’s passport.”

Shah was arrested from a rented house in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad after the police traced the IP address to a device in Noida. He has now been remanded to judicial custody. On the day of the incident, the passport branch was closed officially.

The crime branch of the Mumbai Police has started an investigation to find out how Shah was able to compromise the system. Now the matter has been handed over to the Southern Region Cyber Police Station.

DCP Balsingh Rajput and his team, which included ACP Ramchandra Lotlikar, senior PI Kiran Jadhav, and PSI Prakash Gawli who gathered technical intelligence.

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