How to Find and Use Instagram Reels Templates

How to Find and Use Instagram Reel Templates

Many Instagrammers fail to take full advantage of the creative potential of the platform. Many of them upload their posts without using any form of creativity and that is why they tend to get lost in the never-ending feeds. The secret for success on Instagram can be boiled down to one word – creativity!

In today’s age, if you want to be seen and gain popularity on Instagram, you have to start creating Reels. The app now favors Reels over the more traditional types of content, such as photos.

While it might seem impossible to create a unique Reel without any help, there are actually templates you can use as a guide. This tutorial will show you how to find and use Reels templates so your content will stand out from the rest.

Discover how to quickly and easily create amazing Instagram Reels videos with step-by-step guidance! This guide will show you how to find, use, and edit beautiful pre-made templates on Instagram.

How to use Instagram Reels templates

To get the new Reel templates, please update the app (Android iOS) before following these steps

1. Open Instagram on your phone.

2. Here you have two option to add a reel templates. Swipe left from the feed and select ‘Reel’ at the bottom or press the ‘+’ button at the top of your profile and select ‘Reel’.

How to Find and Use Instagram Reels Templates

3. From here Click on “Templates” Next to reel at the bottom.

How to Find Instagram Reels Templates

4. Swipe left or right to switch between options. When you find a template that you like, Click on “Use Template.” You will be prompted to add photos or videos from your library to complete the look:

How to Find and Use Instagram Reels Templates

Each of the options comes with its own preloaded audio video or photo placeholders that show you how long they will be displayed on the screen. This is the best way to create a reel without editing

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How to Use a Template From Another Reels

1. When browsing Reels, make sure to check the information displayed at the bottom. If you see the “Use template” button, it means that the Reel was created using a template.

2. When you press the”Use template” button, you’ll be taken to the Template page where you can start adding your own clips and images.

How to Find and Use Instagram Reels Templates

There are many Instagram profile that provide free templates. If you search templates on Instagram you can find many profiles that gives you free templates

Find Instagram Reel Templates Using Third-Party Apps

Although Instagram’s current Reel template gallery may be limited in selection, we predict that more will be added soon to make it more diverse. In the meantime, if you’re struggling to find a template you like, there are plenty of other options available through third-party apps such as Canva. This way, you won’t have to settle for something you’re not entirely happy with.

1. Open Canva on your phone. Then Click on the hamburger menu in the bottom-right corner.

2. From here select Templates.

3. Click on “Social media,” then the “Instagram Posts”.

4. There are two ways to find the perfect template for your Instagram Reels: either browse through the available templates until you find the ones specifically designed for Reels, or use the drop-down menu at the top of the page and select “Instagram Reel” from there.

canva social media

5. Scroll and use the Templates that you like.

Find and Use Instagram Reels Templates

6. To export your Reel, press the “Share” icon at the top of the screen and select “Download.”

Certain Reel templates aren’t free; if you want to use them, you’ll need to upgrade to Canva’s premium tier.

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