How To Reduce PDF File Size
How To Reduce PDF File Size

An Easy Guide on How To Reduce PDF File Size

Reducing the size of a PDF file is an important task that can help you save storage space and make your documents easier to share. In this guide, we will discuss how to reduce the size of a PDF file quickly and easily.

We will cover different tips and tricks on how to compress PDF files, as well as provide some useful tools that you can use for this purpose. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to reduce your PDF file size in no time!

How to Reduce PDF File Size on Android

iLovePDF is the best site for compressing PDF files on Android. To compress a pdf file on Android without installing an app, use this method.

Reduce PDF File Size

1: Go to your mobile browser and open iLovePDF.

2: Scroll down and select the option to compress PDF.

3: Select the PDF file.

4: Navigate to and choose the PDF file you wish to compress.

5: After you’ve selected your file, click Compress PDF.

6: After a few seconds of compression, you can download the compressed file.

Aside from compressing your PDF file, iLovePDF can also add page numbers, convert PDF to JPEG, PDF to WORD, and many other things. If you require it, you can also download the iLovePDF app.

How To Compress PDF File Size On iPhone

If you wish to compress a PDF file on your iPhone, try these two online tools: Acrobat online PDF compressor and iLovePDF. To minimise the size of a PDF file on an iPhone, follow the steps outlined below.

1: Launch Safari or your preferred browser.

2: Launch iLovePDF or Acrobat online PDF Compressor.

3: Click “choose file” and browse to your PDF file.

4: Choose a compression level.

5: It will take a few seconds to compress and display how much space it has saved.

6: Save your compressed PDF file to your computer.

On this site, you may choose the compression level, and Acrobat also provides other PDF features similar to iLovePDF.

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