New WhatsApp Scam Calls from International Numbers

WhatsApp will stop working on 49 phones from 2023,check the full list
WhatsApp will stop working on 49 phones from 2023,check the full list
Whatsapp Scam Calls

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media programmes, with billions of users worldwide. The software has often been used by cyber criminals to target innocent customers. Once again, scammers are taking advantage of WhatsApp users. WhatsApp users are currently receiving WhatsApp Scam Calls from international numbers in countries such as Ethiopia (+251), Malaysia (+60), Indonesia (+62), Kenya (+254), Vietnam (+84), and others.

However, as we all know, WhatsApp calls originate over the internet, thus these codes do not necessarily imply that the calls are also coming from these countries. According to certain media reports, agencies sell these internationally numbers to local scammers. A number of people have also reported the latest scam on Twitter.

“Okay seriously its getting out of hands!!! I have been getting these scam @WhatsApp calls from Unknown international numbers all day. Please take needed actions as all my friends have also reported the same!,” wrote one user in a Twitter post.

What should we do?

WhatsApp users receive these calls out of the blue. For the time being, it is best to simply ignore or refuse the calls. These numbers can also be blocked and reported by users. When you unblock a contact, you will no longer receive any messages, calls, or status updates from that contact during the time they were blocked.

Open a chat with the contact, then choose More > Block > Block to block the number. You can also report the contact by selecting Report contact > Block from the menu.

Finally, it is critical to remain aware and protect yourself from these types of scams. Scammers who act as job searchers or promise fast money should not be taken seriously. Before engaging in any chat, always confirm the person’s identification. And never give out personal or financial information until you are certain it is secure. You can avoid being a victim of these scams by remaining informed and taking safeguards. Also, keep your personal information and financial information secure.

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