R3con1z3r – Best Lightweight Information Gathering Tool


R3con1z3r is a lightweight web information gathering tool built entirely in Python. With this tool, you may easily and quickly preform open source intelligence (OSINT) web-based footprinting.

R3con1z3r: Lightweight Web Based Information Gathering Tool

R3con1z3r is a passive intelligence gathering tool with built-in features that can assist you in gathering the open whois/dns web information revealed below.

R3con1z3r best Lightweight Web Based Information Gathering Tool

R3con1z3r Requirements:

Python 2.x/3.x

R3con1z3r Supported platforms:

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

R3con1z3r Features:

  • HTTP header flag,
  • Traceroute,
  • Whois Footprinting,
  • DNS information,
  • Site on same server,
  • Nmap port scanner,
  • Reverse Target and
  • Webpage hyperlinks

R3con1z3r Installation

Clone it from the GitHub repository:

git clone https://github.com/abdulgaphy/r3con1z3r.git

Go to the cloned directory.

cd r3con1z3r

Install Python modules (requirements.txt) in the working directory:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Make it executable:

chmod +x r3con1z3r.py

R3con1z3r Usage

Run the following commands to launch it:

python3 r3con1z3r.py google.com

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